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  • New Board Member Slate Announced

    The WMFVA is pleased to introduce new candidates for the Board of Directors. The individuals making up the slate include Krystn Madrine, Ken Miguel-Cipriano, and Monica Sparks, profiled below. The three will be presented for election to the board at the WMFVA Town Hall Meeting held January 13, 2015 from 6:30pm - 9pm at the Compass College of Cinematic Arts Theater.The election will be a departure from the past practice where board members were elected during the membership party. "Elections held during the annual party were difficult to conduct," explains WMFVA Chair Deb Havens. "After all, people want to party! We decided to add elections to our Town Hall meeting for the first time this year." Town Hall meeting details are available at the Calendar link under "What's Happening."

  • Monica Sparks Networking Diva

    Monica Sparks is the President & CEO of Urban Sparks, the producer of Networking Divas Magazine, Radio For Divas Network and the Networking Diva Conference. As a Radio Talk Show Host, Author and Entrepreneur Monica is known as the Networking Diva, a high energy well-respected business professional with a unique ability to develop and foster strong relationships. Her mantra is Educate, Empower & Entertain! Her network is comprised of a diverse audience that includes business professionals, entrepreneurs and women who are looking to Ignite a Spark that will bring positive change in their personal and professional lives.

    A Licensed Real Estate Broker and State of Michigan Approved Continuing Education Instructor, Monica utilizes personal experiences of success and failures of her 18 year real estate career, 2 marriages and single parenting, to help develop training and educational programs based on the principles of networking and relationship building.

    Monica gives back to her community by serving on various boards and committees and utilizes her business acumen to help other business owners and entrepreneurs by volunteering as a certified SCORE Mentor and Business Counselor. She is also the Vice President of Vista Charter Academy, a National Heritage Academy school and Vice President of Woman's  Life Chapter 881.

    Monica's mission is to always give back and celebrate people and diversity on every level. She says, YOU are the CEO of your life, success does not just happen. Make a decision to be successful, you have to set yourself on fire, and all it takes is a SPARK. Monica will bring her expertise in social media, relationship networking, and promotion/publicity to benefit the filmmaking and production industry and to showcase the talented filmmakers in West Michigan.

  • Ken Miguel-Cipriano, Film Fan, Fundraiser, Future Builder

    Ken hails from Peru and left for the states as a child with the rest of his missionary family. Growing up on the south side of Grand Rapids through twenty Michigan winters was quite different than his coastal home of Lima, Peru. Being a foreigner in a foreign land, Ken found his escape in film & movies. He recalls the moment he fell in love with cinema. He was laying in his living room watching the 1982 musical Annie, when the song & dance number Lets Go to the Movies came onto the CRT TV (remember those?). As the philosophers say, It was all turtles from there on down. Ken has been an avid, No, a ferocious video, movie, and film viewer ever since that fateful winter night in the early 90s. 

    A Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, SnagFilms, and Sundance Doc Club account are not enough to keep up with his viewing pace. Visits to the UICA, Wealthy Theatre, Michigan Theater, State Theater, and Celebration Cinemas are as part of his routine as sitting down for dinner. Ken is excited to work with the WMFVA on the 4-Walls Screenings to improve Community Development and strengthen Community Engagement. He brings his love for film to the WMFVA Board in an effort to bring the invaluable experience and joy of film to a wider audience here in West Michigan.

    Ken graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a degree in Critical Medical Anthropology. His post-graduate work has concentrated in the intersection of international aid/development and emerging technology. Today, his work has brought him to GR Current as a startup collaborator.

  • Krystn Madrine - Producer, Director, Photographer, Actor

    Krystn Madrine is a producer, director, writer, photographer, actor and artist. She is the founder and director of Norwood Evans Production and Design Studio, a new creative collective in Traverse City, MI. She manages artists and their social media needs, providing photography and film for her clients.  Krystn specializes in womens couture and corporate identity portraiture, and in music video production for local and regional artists.

    Krystn was a home birth midwife for over 28 years. She had a huge practice in both birth and bodywork, and she served many international students and plain (Amish) communities in three different states. She was very active in midwifery politics and served as legislative liaison for two different midwifery organizations. She had five surgeries on her hands, forcing her to move into another interesting phase of life. Her current personal project is a documentary film about Amish and Mennonite midwives.

    Krystn is a Deans List student at Northwestern Michigan College, seeking a degree in Fine Art, Photography and Film. She is active in Michigan Movie Makers, and is a certified producer for Up North Media. She acts whenever possible, and just portrayed Mrs. Watson, mother of John Watson, in the web series, A Finger Slip. She serves as an assistant manager for the videography department of the Traverse City Film Festival, supervising the digital intake of over 40 videographers' worth of footage. Krystn has been an environmental activist for many years, and now uses her art as a political statement.

    Krystn is interested in serving the WMFVA by being a bridge from the active northern Michigan film community, becoming involved in social media and outreach, and by developing more opportunities for women in film. 

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  • Our Mission...

    The mission of the West Michigan Film Video Alliance is to promote a thriving film and video production community in West Michigan.

    Our members are dedicated to the art and business of filmmaking, commercial, and corporate production.

    The WMFVA has a rich history of working across the community to provide educational programs, resources, networking, and support to filmmakers and producers since we launched in 2005. At the same time we work with regional, state, and national business, educators, and policy makers to support filmmaking and production as vital to Michigans 21st century economic diversity and growth.

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Coming Up

Open Projector Night at UICA

Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 8 PM
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
2 Fulton West
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
WMFVA Members $4

The WMFVA is joining forces with the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA) to expand screening and attendance opportunities for local filmmakers. All WMFVA members are invited to screen their films and watch everyone else's at the UICA Theater starting this February. WMFVA Premier members and filmmakers screening their projects get in free. Submit your movie as a Digital Quicktime File, DVD, Blu-ray, or 16mm Reel.

Entries must be submitted by January 7th, 2015.

All entries must be less than thirty minutes.

Anjalika Lobo is our contact at the UICA. 

Email for more information.

Eclipse Awards

Thursday, May 7, 2015
The Harris Building Ballroom
Grand Rapids, MI

Once again, WMFVA joins forces with WKTV to present the Eclipse Awards, the showcase for the very best of West Michigan's Film, Video, and Television. International, national, and regional judges screen entries to recognize excellence of craft for content creators. Visit the Eclipse Award website for entry forms, payment and additional information about the awards program. ENTER NOW. Entries close Friday, March 14, 2015. Nominees will be announced 3 pm, Monday, April 20, 2015. The awards ceremony will be televised live on WKTV Thursday, May 7.


The Start of Film Production in Michigan: Jam Handy

Monday, June 1, 2015
All WMFVA Members Free / Non-Members $5

At one time, Michigan produced more film than Hollywood - that was the day of Jam Handy, a Detroit studio that specialized in car commercials shot on film. Meet documentarian Jonathan Boeshen currently fund-raising to produce the story of Michigan's first filmmakers. See the classic commercial storytelling that rocketed Michigan's auto industry to international dominance.  Details on location TBA.

See our complete calendar of events.

Thank You Dirk Eichhorst, Mark Winzer and the WMFVA! The screenwriters workshop session held last night was immeasurable in value. The level of creativity, expertise, experience and generosity presented by these talented men is vital to the success of emerging producers and screenwriters. I am inspired to reevaluate my goals and approach as a filmmaker.

—Noemi Morales